When art is joy and fun.

Harmony, enjoyment and happiness: these are the sensations that the extremely beautiful sculptures by Arnaud and Adeline Nazare-Aga transmit, a tribute to life that the Deodato Arte gallery  is proud to present.
The choice of subjects, shapes, colours and materials are all designed to create joyful syntony between the viewer and the work. The sculptures are made in a mixture of resin, marble dust and fibre glass and are then hand-painted and lacquered with a special UV filter which makes them waterproof so that they can also be positioned in the open air. They are a joy to the eye, even for those who cannot see them because the visually impaired can come into contact with the works through the sense of touch.

Arnaud Nazare-Aga fell in love with sculpture and architecture as a child. He was educated in a Tibetan Buddhist community in Burgundy and later became a plasterer-decorator. He has designed and created many decorations in Buddhist temples in the West, such as the Temple of the Thousand Buddhas near Autun (France), and in Paris, and he worked in Bhutan to create three monumental sculptures of Buddha.

After several professional experiences in Europe and Asia, in January 2011, he founded the PAJ’Art Studio in Bangkok and, in 2012, he created Artheline in duo with his ex-wife. Their collections are renowned for amusing, brightly coloured and voluptuous sculptures featuring subjects such as hippos, sumo wrestlers, gorillas, whales and Venuses, transmitting a poetical message of serenity.

In 2015, the Hippop’Art exhibition in the Fullerton area of Singapore, included 40 highly-coloured hippos in the hotel gardens, reception and outside verges. Arnaud Nazare-Aga’s works have also been created for the visually impaired and presented at Singapore’s Voilah! festival and in Hong Kong, which received 124,000 visitors in 38 days. In the last seven years, Arnaud and Adeline Nazare-Aga’s work has been on display at numerous international exhibitions and galleries in Asia and Europe and is now on show at the Deodato Arte gallery, where it is enjoying huge success among critics and the public on an international scale. Every item is produced in limited edition, signed and numbered in the original.

Particular items among the subjects in the catalogue are the famous hippos from the Hippop’ Art collection with some extremely amusing examples in different colours and patterns, including Pinky Winky – Hippop Art Size M, with its undulating and multi-coloured patterns, and Mi Amor – Hippop Art, an explosion of colours and bold shapes. Yet another tribute to the vitality of the animal kingdom are the sculptures Splash – B.Pop, Size M and Royal – B.Pop, Size M, which are part of the B.Pop collection.

The Sumo collection, one of the artistic duo’s most popular, comprises three main sculptures, each recalling one of the positions adopted by these wrestlers. In the case of Nagoya Welcome, Size S, the sumo wrestler is shown in the Welcome position that the wrestler holds at the beginning of the match in sign of thanks. In Koya Shiko, Size S, the sumo wrestler is depicted in the Shiko position with one leg raised in the process of landing a kick. The Ikashi Dojo-Iri, Size XS sculpture is in the Dojo-Iri position which is taken up at the end of the fight to thank the competitor.

Cappuccino – Whale Pop, Size S, part of the Whales collection, is a circus-coloured baby whale with twisting shapes reproduced in a limited edition of only 50 examples. And then there is the Goril’Pop collection featuring a multi-coloured gorilla, in this case, Alvin – Goril’Pop, Size M, whose peaceful bulk transmits happiness and good humour.

Lastly, from the Venus collection, Bora Bora – Venus, Size S, the ironic Venus Callipyge which seduces with its bewitching and playful shapes. All the Venus size S items were signed and numbered in limited editions from 1/99 to 99/99 in the original by the artists. (Nathalie Anne Dodd).