The leading fitness company upgrades its Artis models with a password: practicality.

Efficiency and innovation, thanks to Artis. Two highly important concepts for a sector in constant renovation, like wellness. The gym, the fitness centre par excellence, is not at all the same as it was many years ago. One only has to think, for example, of the starting point since training schedules are becoming increasingly more in line with the needs and attitudes of the individual user who is guided, step by step, by a professional personal trainer. Then, the equipment available in the various facilities has become more and more modern and effective by focussing as much as possible on precise areas of muscular tissue. From this viewpoint, Technogym has always been one step ahead compared to its competitors thanks to products that manage to unite these two factors and make the customer experience complete with the very latest gear on the market.

In fact, just recently, Technogym presented the public with its new Artis line in all its declinations, from the cardio machine to equipment able to increase muscle power. The Italian company has achieved enviable pre-eminence by uniting design, biomechanical engineering and interactivity through software interconnected to all the latest Technogym installations in gyms. The Artis line, which already includes 25 comfortable, dynamic and easy-to-use machines, will therefore be further enriched with new functionalities in order to guarantee even greater athletic performance.
The first new entry is the Artis Synchro, an elliptical machine which, in this new version, will come with footboards that can adapt to the load. This not only ensures the correct amount of pressure on the ankle and less on the sole of the foot, but also, by adjusting levers with the upper limbs and in accordance with speed, the machine makes the movement ergonomic. The difficulty can be changed at each session by increasing the gradient with Quick Ramp technology or by taking on new challenges thanks to 25 levels of intensity.

Available in Diamond Black and Carbon Grey, every cardio machine in the Artis line will be fitted with a Full HD screen. Instead, machines specifically designed for running will have a 21.5” monitor offering an even greater immersive and dynamic experience. Technogym relies on hardware able to maintain high performances. Additionally, the new products have a Unity and Unity Mini graphic interface based on the Android operational system, thanks to which, during training, users can access a list of guided videos that will take them onto the streets of New York or among the splendid French hills. Furthermore, those who don’t want to miss their favourite programmes can use the app to watch traditional channels and new on-demand services in streaming. The entire Unity system thus further enriches the already consolidated cloud-based Mywellness platform which gathers all the user’s data so that his or her profile is available at any moment and on any Technogym device. (Riccardo Lo Re)