Middle Eastern origins but European base and studies. The X-Factor revelation is headed by a trio that musically aims at High Territories.

A hypnotic sound. This is Bowland, the X-Factor revelation that came in fourth with their sound defined as “erotic” by Mara Maionchi, one of the contest’s judges. An all-round artistic project whose graphics and music, it must be said, “draw” atmospheres in trip hop style and ethereal electronic sonority and where the voice of the singer becomes a kind of recurring theme towards unexplored sounds. The Iranian-born group consists of 35-year-old guitarist, base and keyboard player, Saeed Aman, 34-year-old Pejman Fani, who looks after the rhythms and various sounds, and Leila Mostofi, 30, who is the voice and other instruments. The three friends from high-school in Teheran met up again while studying in Florence. Between one amicable chat and another, the idea of making music, which they had already toyed with in their homeland, took shape and, as Saeed Aman explained in an interview: «Our passion for music and listening inspired us. We have very similar musical influences and we grew up together listening to the same things as teenagers in Iran». And so they decided to start the Bowland project which, right from the name, defines their aspirations, as the singer explained: «In Farsi, Bow means “high” and so, by joining it to the English word “Land”, we have created a term that could be translated as High Territories, in the spiritual and musical sense». An imaginary country where the atmosphere reflects the band’s music and whose «image will be created and developed over time through the illustrations and animations generated on a case by case basis during our shows», explained Pejman Fani.

Cultured and elegant, the Bowland musicians create their music in the traditional way, starting from the desire to entertain and be entertained. Two albums have been released so far. The self-produced Floating Trip in 2017 and the EP, Bubble of Dreams, last year, a live album offering original and unprecedented pieces, ambient and fluctuating atmospheres with hints of dance floor in English club house style. One of the songs, Don’t Stop Me, Bowland’s original piece presented at X Factor and produced by Pino “Pinaxa” Pischetola, has already earned more than 1 million streamings on Spotify and over half a million viewings on YouTube.