The new creations by de GRISOGONO confirm the company’s stylistic code with its distinctive creative boldness and exclusive elegance.

Generous volumes, chiaroscuro effects and bright preciousness are the recurring themes that accompany the iconic new creationsRaggiante by de GRISOGONO, Divina by de GRISOGONO and Turbante, an invasion into the most glamorous years in our history in the company of the jet-set’s most emblematic women. Three styles, three promises of sensational exclusiveness.

Raggiante by de GRISOGONO
Evoking the atmospheres of the 1920s and Art Deco, de GRISOGONO has produced sculptured jewellery that appears to be born to shine in the French Riviera sun, paying homage to the carefree and avant-garde muses of the time: Sara, Zelda, Mistinguett, Joséphine, Gabrielle… Between a Charleston and a boat trip, between uninhibited nights and languid candlelit dinners, the Raggiante ring shines forth in all its generous opulence and a touch of asymmetry. And the collection’s earrings are an invitation to lead the dance…

Divina by de GRISOGONO
The journey through the luxury and glamour of days gone by continues on the legendry yachts of the ‘50s when it was normal to meet icons of such calibre as Maria, Jackie, Greta, Liz and Marilyn, women who inspired luxurious and sensual charm, just like the delicate gold ribbon that runs through the pink and white gold and diamond ring.
Are you ready to sail towards imaginary or real islands wearing only a bikini and Divina?

Catapulted into the 1970s, the de GRISOGONO heroines embody the likeness of disco stars: Bianca, Diana, Debbie, Gloria, together with the frequent flyers of unbridled nights at Studio 54, where the creative buzz of the music met the magnetic mystique of precious and sinuous creations. Turbante earrings and rings perfectly interpret the glam rock aura and atmosphere of joyful euphoria that filled the most exclusive nights. To sparkle on the dance floor and let your feelings go.