Creativity knows no bounds in the new de GRISOGONO jewellery

From the skilful hands and unlimited creativity of the designers de GRISOGONO, new exuberant creations come to life, seemingly reaching beyond the boundaries imposed by cuts and colours to become tiny sculptures ready to make the women who wear them irresistible. Shiny jewellery, bright colours, gems set into precious metals, Melody of Colors is a delightfully daring collection that steals the most seductive and vital hues from nature.

Nature is the source of inspiration behind the inexhaustible creative talent of de GRISOGONO, which, with exquisite sensitivity and elegance, captures a world of colour and enchanting shades in his multi-faceted jewellery. Melody of Colors pays tribute to the beauty and versatility of nature, its chromatic rainbow evokes the sea, the sun, the flora and life itself. It is an ode to love, a symphony of preciousness and intense emotions.

Materials to dream for and refined workmanship

An infinity of sparkling and unusual details brings the materials to life and enhances them with refined processing, demonstrating the jewellery company’s exceptional skill. The exquisitely open-worked gold is delicately engraved with iconic de GRISOGONO spirals – an aesthetic signature that donates incomparable lustre to the stones and also ensures unparalleled lightness and comfort. The stones make the most surprising backdrop to classic rhodium-tarnished gold, while the new techniques for setting the briolette cuts allow the stones to express all their potential: the gems are “sewn” together with an invisible thread that perfectly hides the underlying material. The working techniques are mastered so skilfully by the artist jewellers that cuts, stones and colours seem to have been created by Nature itself.

A surprising palette of gems

The bold and distinctive elements in Melody of Colors creations allow dimensions, cuts, colours and stone types, with their surprising carat size, blend well together by alternating precious stones and rare gems and finding the perfect position for each one. From the sparkle of the pavè to the twisting movement of the briolette cuts, from cabochons to central stones, Melody of Colors proposes vibrant and original combinations that include highly glamorous cocktail rings, splendid necklaces, sumptuous earrings and enchanting bracelets.

The jewellery palettes range from pastel colours to more intense hues, revealing all their vitality: powder pink, deep purple, peach-orange, turquoise, grass green and Mediterranean blue. de GRISOGONO’s particular passion for light and colour is enhanced by brown diamonds set with rubies and citrines, by opals accompanied by sapphires and emeralds or by coral matched with sapphires, while turquoise and tsavorites reciprocally exalt each other in a colour board that evokes hints of the sea and sky.

Daring creativity, a taste for beauty and a masterly combination of colours and materials make a collection of high jewellery, deserving of a museum, literally explode, except that these creations were made to be worn every day by sensual and dynamic women with a smile on their lips and joy in their heart. (Nathalie Anne Dodd)