Black diamonds are extremely rare, valuable and beautiful and contain a mysterious and ancient charm. Rarely used in the luxury industry and extremely difficult to cut, they have become the favourite gems of Fawaz Gruosi, founder of de GRISOGONO, the Swiss high jewellery brand, ambassador of a contemporary and unconventional approach in terms of traditional, high-range craftsmanship. By selecting gems for their individual beauty in terms of colour, light and intensity, Gruosi’s expertise has reached unimaginable levels of perfection, creating jewellery items that are timeless works of art. De GRISOGONO jewellery is not just an affirmation of individual style, but also a personal, tactile and intimate treasure whose precious stone combination and daring colour schemes just amaze. By breaking traditional colour codes and offering unusual combinations of vibrant colours and unique stones, de GRISOGONO has turned its chromatic palette into one of its unmistakable features. This exclusive world also includes high-jewellery watches whose mechanics and shapes emphasize the functions by playing with aesthetic codes to enhance the art of measuring time in a unique blend of boldness, elegance and supreme complexity. Gruosi has recently passed the baton to Cèline Assimon, who will continue to transmit GRISOGONO’s world-famous visionary and audacious creativity.