The Founder of explains what led him to open a new gallery in the heart of Costa Smeralda, where the sea is the real star.

After the galleries in Milan and Como, Deodato Arte has chosen Costa Smeralda. What is the strategy behind opening several branches?
«Deodato Arte began an expansion strategy two years ago by installing several more exhibition areas than the original premises in the Cinque Vie district in Milan and opening a branch in Como in 2018 and now, from 2019, another one in a prestigious location at Waterfront in Porto Cervo. The decision to open more branches came about as a natural consequence of our priority decision to invest by signing agreements with international artists, creating a relevant store of works and, above all, defining clear content and story-telling strategies. All so as to be sure of offering “quality stories”, no matter where our premises may be».
Why did you choose Porto Cervo? «Porto Cervo is the centre of the Mediterranean, which, in turn, is the centre of western culture as well as the place where “everything” happened. Without the Mediterranean, there would be no history. You can get to Porto Cervo by sea, from other ports, from other places, habits and lifestyles. When I was asked to evaluate opening a branch in Porto Cervo, the first thing that came to mind was its history and the people that have passed through and will continue to pass through.

And so I asked myself if the stories told and packaged by Deodato Arte in the last ten years could be enhanced and, at the same time, useful for what magically happens in Porto Cervo every summer, thanks to all those who go there and want to spend time on our coast and in our Italy.»
Waterfront Porto Cervo is a particular promenade.
What struck you about it?
«Waterfront is a meeting point in Porto Cervo, therefore, by definition, it is a cardinal point where, also during summer 2019, many cultures are bound to mix. My team and I can’t wait to be there, to see, to listen and tell stories of contemporary art. The enthusiasm of being there was such that it urged us to ask international artists, like Mr Brainwash, to come in person and create works of art for this exhibition. This is because history needs to be recorded, even through works of art that establish our contemporaneity. A fundamental factor of our joining the Waterfront project was the professionalism and strategic transparency of the team that created and so strongly sought to realize this exhibition project. Special thanks therefore go to Smeralda Holding and FilmMaster.»