Music Tales

The Waterfront stage sparkles with the melodies of the great names in international music, creating suggestive intersections of sound and inspiration.

Chiara Civello

Chiara Civello - Concert

Neri Marcorè <b>&</b> Paolo Fresu
Neri Marcorè <b>&</b> Paolo Fresu

Neri Marcorè & Paolo Fresu

Neri Marcorè meets Paolo Fresu

Two great creative minds meet on the Waterfront stage: Neri Marcorè, actor, comedian and musician, interviews Paolo Fresu, the most famous Italian jazz musician on the planet. Starting out from a small town in Sardinia, he conquered the music world, and it is music that will guide us in the discovery of Fresu's career, his passions, and his native Sardinia.

L'estate di Waterfront prosegue con appuntamenti esclusivi, dove sarai protagonista al fianco di grandi icone: talenti internazionali e brand di lusso.
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