To celebrate, the prestigious luxury beach club brand launches a home fragrance line, a photobook edited by Assouline and the original song, Forever Young

Nikki Beach, the first brand to launch the idea of a luxury beach club onto the market, is celebrating its first 20 years of business. Founded as a family-run company on an idea of founder-owner, the American entrepreneur, Jack Penrod, and wife Lucia, over the years, Nikki Beach has become an international brand that now offers its customers luxury services and hospitality in 14 locations throughout the world.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, on 22nd May, Nikki Beach hosted an exclusive party in the pop-up at the International Film Festival in Cannes on Boulevard de la Croisette. An elegant exclusive dinner followed by a cocktail party. An unforgettable evening with spectacular performances, a sublime culinary experience and entertainment worthy of the Nikki Beach signature.

“We live and breathe Nikki Beach. It is part of our way of life,” explains Jack Penrod, Owner & Chairman of Nikki Beach Global. “The key figures in our company do the same. All those who are part of our brand know and understand our idea and our mission. It is only thanks to our devoted team and loyal customers that we have been able to achieve such success. This is why we are so happy to celebrate such a memorable milestone as these twenty years of business.”.

Nikki Beach has been on the French Riviera every May for the last seventeen years and has become an exclusive location for stars such as Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Colin Farrell, Michael Douglas, Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively, Pharrell, Jake Gyllenhaal, Usher, Michelle Williams, Jude Law, Tilda Swinton, Naomi Watts, Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz, Harrison Ford and Eva Longoria. Just a few of the big names who, in recent years, have had the chance to experience Nikki Beach hospitality.
Lucia Penrod concludes: “After two decades of business, we are still grateful and surprised by the incredible success achieved and at having generated such a unique and entertaining brand. We have always been known for celebrating life with the world and, even now, we are still thought of as trendsetters, constantly ahead of the others. We love what we do and so we don’t think of it as work. It is a privilege.”

THE PHOTOBOOK – To celebrate its twenty years, Nikki Beach has produced an elegant, hardback photobook in collaboration with the publishing company, Assouline. The 264-page book, which contains a preface by Jack and Lucia Penrod, was written by Jim Dobson, who deals with luxury for Forbes magazine. Available from April, not only does it illustrate the brand’s history, it also contains famous phrases, special anecdotes and pictures of these last twenty years. Price to the public: Euro 85.

THE ROOM FRAGRANCE LINE – The “Saint Tropez” fragrance that Nikki Beach has developed together with 12.29, has now been launched. The name of this new line of room fragrances for the home – which includes a spray perfume and a room diffuser – is a tribute to the brand’s most famous beach club, the second one that Nikki Brand opened and the first in Europe. With this fragrance, guests will be able to take the Nikki Beach experience home in memory of a perfect day on the beach. Price to the public: spray perfume Euro 50; diffuser Euro 50.
The “Saint Tropez” line will be on sale with the celebratory Assouline book in all the boutiques and in the “shop” section on the website.

THE SONG TO CELEBRATE LIFE – Music is another pillar of Nikki Beach’s success. In line with the brand’s twenty-year birthday, the original song ‘Forever Young’ has been released. Written and sung by Alexandre Carcelen, who participated in the French edition of The Voice, the song was written and produced by Patris Gero in co-production with Philippe Paris and with several musical overlays by world-famous saxophonist, Jimmy Sax. With phrases in the text such as “We sing what we have in our heart” and special dance routines set to be performed in all the Nikki Beach locations, Forever Young promises to become one of the big hits for summer 2019.