The new BMW Z4 is a dream of an open top car. Ideal for pleasure driving and providing a sense of freedom.

The sound of the fast and powerful engine makes perfect background music for those who love to drive for pleasure and long to be on the move. With its elegant lines, its particular style blends aggressiveness with softness and is just perfect for heading out in search of Costa Smeralda’s quaint inland villages, full of tradition, curiosities and interesting craft beer breweries.

The first stop is Muros, a small medieval town in the province of Sassari, less than 15 kilometres from the provincial capital in northern Sardinia where the varied landscape offers traditions and prehistoric sites. The church of Saints Gavino, Proto and Gianuario (XVI-XVII century), which safeguards an altar piece commemorating the three Turritano martyrs, stands in the centre of Muros while the town also features a nineteenth century public fountain and buildings from the Aragonese feudal age. Muros is focal point of traditions that can be seen in the clothes, bread and pastries used at festivals: su cozolu ‘e s’ou, amarettos and formagella cheeses at Easter, papassinos and tiriccas for All Saints Day. And for the Sambrinus brewery, founded in 1997, with its low fermentation beers, like the Viennese-style Ambrata, the classic Pilsner lager and the Swart bitter, to be tasted either as they are or with a local speciality.

Birrificio SAMBRINUS
Zona Industriale
07030 Muros (SS)
079 345725

Just 30 minutes away is Chiaramonti, a hamlet in the Anglona region in north-west Sardinia, located at the foot of the ruins of Castle Doria, a medieval fortress built to defend the Ligurian properties in Anglona. It dominated the entire valley and oversaw the nearby villages of an area that has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In the vicinity of the village there are about twenty domus de Janas tombs, the su Murrone necropolis, over one hundred nuraghi, including the important fortresses of ‘e s’Arroccu and Elighia and the tombs of the Giants. After so much culture, a much-needed break is a must at Sa Teida village and the Angloma brewery with its high-proof Amistade beers in their Golden and Strong Ale versions. An infinite pleasure.

070030 Località Sa Teida Chiaramonti (SS)

Sassari, City of art and northern Sardinia’s historical, cultural and financial centre of reference, is the birthplace of several prominent figures in the Italian Republic, such as Enrico Berlinguer and Presidents of the Republic, Antonio Segni and Francesco Cossiga. Among the many cultural suggestions to mention are the Rosello Fountain and Piazza d’Italia, the two symbols of the city, as well as the various museums, including Mus’A, the Biasi, the Tavolara Pavilion and, first and foremost, the Sanna National Museum. One of the most striking prehistoric relics is the altar at Monte d’Accoddi, a step pyramid reminiscent of the Mesopotamic sanctuaries, built in the 4th millennium B.C., restored in the 3rd and in use up until the Bronze Age. Among the most ancient cult constructions is the Church of Saint Apollinare and the Saint Nicolas of Bari Cathedral, a harmonious overlay of architectonic styles built as of the 13th century. In need of a rest after so much touring, a good place to stop is P3 Brewing in the Predda Niedda area, known for its 100 Nodi beer, an interesting Double Ipa, and its 50 Nodi, a traditional Indian Pale Ale. Without forgetting the Saison-style Jordi.

Z.L.Predda Niedda 32
07100 Sassari (SS)
328 9632947

If you love angling and like to watch rare water birds, a stop at Uri is essential. And only 20 minutes from the previous place. Uri is known for its wonderful wines, an excellent oil and artichokes, a top-quality product. Not far away from the town are the ruins of Our Lady of Paulis Abbey, which rose along the stretch of Roman road that connected this Abbey to the one dedicated to Saint Mary of Corte (Sindia). The remains of the cloister and part of the adjacent convent, which had three naves spanned by arches and a square apse, are extremely interesting. Another not-to-be-missed location is lake Cuga which takes its name from a submerged village and hides the archaeological ruins on its lake bed. They can only be seen in the dry period, as can the remains of the Peppe Gallu nuraghe. By far the most relevant Nuragic inheritance is in the heart of the town: the Saint Catherine complex. At via Sardegna 11, however, you will find the Dolmen/Alguer brewery with a series of low fermentation beers of different types: Ale, Blache, Bock, Pils and Weizen.

07040 Uri (SS)
via Sardegna 11
392 6564738

At Thiesi, a Logudoro farming community in north-west Sardinia, famous for sacred art, historical buildings, naturalist and archaeological sites and culinary delicacies, the rule is to go easy. It is no coincidence that the name comes from the adjective tiesu, which means relaxed: just like the town which reclines on the tableland at the foothills of the su Montiju plateau. Not to be missed is the ancient prison tower, built as defence against the Aragonese (XV-XVI century) and then later transformed into a prison during the Sabaudian Age, and ‘The year of the Assault” mural by Aligi Sassu, a painter from Thiesi. The santu Bainzu hill in Thiesi is one of the five volcanic craters of the Meilogu, a fascinating protected natural monument that creates an unusual and unique landscape. Another spectacle of nature is the Monte Majore cave, which starts with a large opening on the eastern side of the mountain. An obligatory stopover in the town is the Seddaiu brewery for a Mej pale ale and a Logu, a particular Red Ale.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 13
07047 Theisi (SS)
079 889021

Known mainly for the production of Vernaccia, that sweet and fragrant wine, Zeddiani is a small village of only 1,100 inhabitants on the Campidano plain. In the town centre, the Church of Our Lady of Grace, founded in the 13th century and rebuilt in the 17th, is well worth a visit. Just as precious, especially for the furnishings it holds, is the Church of Saint Peter, which dates back to the 17th century where you can admire a wooden Baroque altar housing the image of Our Lady of the Snows in multi-coloured wood and gilt. Along the Provincial Road, after having toured the town, the next stop is at BirraBuffa for a Sarda beer, an amber-coloured bitter with fruity aromas of red berries and hints of fresh hops, or a delicate, pale gold Bianca Gentile with its soft vanilla taste and mixture of fruity, vanilla and bergamot aromas. The Bionda, an English Blond Ale, is neither pasteurized nor filtered and has a light and average hop body. It skilfully combines floral scents with the grassy intensity of fresh hops.

S.P.12 km 7,8
090070 Zeddiani (Or)

Simaxis is located on the left bank of the Sant’Elena stream, an affluent of the Tirso river, in a stretch of fertile plain where wheat has always been cultivated. A medieval town, it was the main centre of the homonymous administrative headquarters for the Judicate of Arborea. People have always been drawn to this place due to its closeness to Mount Arci park, the island’s only obsidian deposit, ‘black gold’ in Mediterranean pre-history, and the fertile land, doused by numerous springs. The ruins of the Churches of Saint Nicolas of Myra and of the Angel, with its hemispherical dome, and the ancient Church of Saint Theodore of Amasea, a military saint from Byzantine tradition, dated between the 7th and 9th centuries with a cross-shaped layout, barrel-vaulted arms and domed intersection, can be admired in the hamlet of San Vero Congius. And to close the day, what better than a frothy SPA, English Pale Ale produced by La Volpe e il Luppolo, together with a Belgian-style, high-fermentation Torraghettai, or a shimmering, straw-coloured Frù Frù, and the intense hues, aromas of citrus fruits and herbs, like marjoram and basil, of the coppery Apajò or a golden Melabì with rosy hues, typical of the quinces that give an intense aroma of fresh and preserved fruit, to then burst in the mouth with balanced freshness.

090088 Simaxis (Or)
Via San Simmaco 174
328 8225490

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