The 2017 episode directed by Andrés Muschietti will include 8 exclusive minutes from the second feature film to be released on 5 September.

The verb “to float” in a beach context like Porto Cervo’s Waterfront is associated to that pleasant and relaxing sensation one can experience after diving into the crystal-clear Costa Smeralda sea. Just think. After two or three strokes, what is the next thing all of us do once we are in deeper water? A little due to tiredness, not having ever tried to compete in the Olympic Games, a little due to remembering buoyant moments from our childhood when, during our first swimming lessons, the instructor taught us the positions for “playing dead”, we try to stay afloat with the fundamental support of the sea. Arms and legs spread out into a star shape, on our backs, eyes staring straight up at the sky to contemplate its beauty. And the deed is done. On the other hand, for some people, the word “to float” can have a much less summery connotation because, in this case, it identifies that cold sensation that affects the very skin, signalling an imminent danger. After the 2017 chapter, IT is knocking on the doors of our nightmares with a new episode. To mark the occasion, Warner Bros aims to refresh our memories by taking us back to Derry, Maine.

The first chapter of IT, which will be showing once again in cinemas on 20 August, quickly managed to become one of the most financially successful horror movies ever. The fame of Stephen King’s novel was not the only reason for its box-office triumph since the film, directed by Andrés Muschietti, was truly able to convince everyone, starting from the spectators who really supported this new film-adaptation of the book, which had already had its first visual experience on the television some years earlier with the talented Tim Curry in the role of the infamous Pennywise. The creative team behind this project aimed at a large audience, from those who were able to devour King’s hefty book, to those who, for the first time, wanted to experiment a story which, besides the terrorizing aspect, also provided a precise picture of America in those days. Cinema very often finds it hard to summarize the entire bulk of information contained in a single book, especially one with over 1,300 pages. And yet, the authors practically managed to balance everything, obviously aiming at the emotional aspect of the story and putting the audience constantly on the edge of their seats. Nevertheless, the film offers the audience that curiosity which is never elicited prior to seeing it. You find yourself asking who the seven characters in the so-called Losers’ Club really are; the reason behind this sad definition; what their fears as well as their dreams are; and, last but not least, where Pennywise – that strange creature which, every 27 years, reawakens to feed on human beings, especially children – actually comes from. All legitimate questions that a film is able explain but not as deeply as a book. However, cinemas will soon be featuring the second chapter of IT in which the hands of time are wound forward to when the youngsters are all grown up. The protagonists have not seen each other since the events of their childhood. Life has gone on, they have all taken different roads but, sooner or later, that influx of memories and horror will lead them all to re-unite in a final confrontation with Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård.

The cast of adults in IT Chapter 2 includes James McAvoy (Bill); Jessica Chastain (Beverly); Bill Hader (Richie); Isaiah Mustafa (Mike); Jay Ryan (Ben); James Ransone (Eddie), Andy Bean (Stanley). Playing alongside them will be the actors seen in their younger years in the first film, from Jaeden Martell (Bill), Wyatt Oleff (Stanley), Sophia Lillis (Beverly) to Finn Wolfhard (Richie), Jeremy Ray (Ben), Chosen Jacobs (Mike), and Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie). Written by Gary Dauberman and produced by Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin and Roy Lee, the new IT will be released in the Italian cinemas on 5 September. (Riccardo Lo Re)