Powerful and elegant. In Jaguar style. A sports car which is actually extremely luxurious. The Coventry-based company’s first electric vehicle.

A particular and highly fascinating crossover with surprising power. On the outside, the style of the Jaguar I Pace EV400 HSE AWD is soft and curvy, reminiscent of women portrayed by Rubens, sweet but with a note of hidden aggressiveness, and rounded fenders. In contrast, an elusive roof that seems to fall away, or better, cut the design, enhancing the sporty look, without penalizing the roominess. The car is driven by two electric motors of 200 CV each, for each group of wheels, front and back, to a total of 400 CV.

Power is supplied by lithium-ion batteries mounted on the floor of the interior. The batteries carry an eight-year or 160,000 km guarantee. The declared autonomy is 480 km. The batteries can be fully charged from a 220 V socket of 7 kW in about 13 hours.

Fast charging, where a 100kW tower is available, allows the accumulator to achieve 80% efficiency in just 40 minutes. All the instruments on the bridge are digital: there is a 12.3” touchscreen in the dashboard providing all the necessary driving information and another 10” screen, located on the bridge and used by the infotainment system, is complete with a Wi-Fi hotspot. A third, 5” screen in on the console and controls the air conditioning system, managing the ventilated seats and air flows, and the smartphone.

Two elegant knobs at the side set the temperature. There are also 4 USB sockets in the front, of which 2 are USB 3.0, and another 2 in the back next to the posterior air conditioning controls. The cabin is spacious with room for three people comfortably in the back. The driver’s seat is comfortable but not overly. Among the very many available optionals: luminous footboards at the doors can be personalized with the owner’s name; Cold Climate Pack for a more comfortable environment in the winter with heated windscreen wiper jets, heated windscreen, steering wheel in goffered leather, heated steering wheel; infotainment in the back. The First standard Edition foresees pneumatic suspension and a glass roof. (Fabio Schiavo)



  • Engine: three phase electric
  • Power: 294/4009 n.d.
  • CO² emissions: 0
  • Battery type: lithium-ion
  • Capacity: kW/H 400
  • Tension: 400 V
  • Recharge time 13h (at 200v and 3kW)
  • Seats: 5
  • Max speed: 205 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h 4.8sec
  • Autonomy: km 480
  • Measurements: length 468 x 201 width x 157 height
  • Average consumption: km/kWh 4,7
  • Price: from €96,700