Jaguar Land Rover is the number one premium vehicle car producer in the United Kingdom. It was founded by the merging of two top brands such as Land Rover, leader in the production of four-wheel drive automobiles, and Jaguar which creates powerful luxury sports cars.
According to Jaguar, cars are the closest thing to living beings. Jaguar differentiates and define them. An object that becomes an image of class in which to instil the elegance of the company’s creations. Cars that perfectly unite a clear vocation for sport and yet are suitable for every kind of public. Always. British ingenuity, craftsmanship and innovation as marvellous forms of art in movement. The ability to create cars to suit your lifestyle. And they become an integral part. Works of engineering that get themselves noticed. To get you noticed. An icon of luxury. In the soul. Jaguar, a brand with a precise mission: to make you discover the difference of travelling. A difference made up of many details.
Another top brand has put the same vision and care into every centimetre of road covered: Land Rover. It all started in 1947, when one man began to design the livery of a car that would not take long to make a name for itself. Robust, lively, captivating and elegant at the same time. Every model of Land Rover pushes the bar towards a quality that, so far, has never been equalled since it literally changed automobile history. Resistance and excellence are key words for a vehicle that knows no obstacles and never will. With the merging of these two car manufacturers, Jaguar Land Rover will be making a series of long-term investments. As of 2020, every diesel and petrol powered model will be flanked by an electric or hybrid version in order to offer the customer a complete range of vehicles that look towards the future.