Joe Bastianich

His passion, always. Besides cooking, an art he learned from the family. It is now time for Joe Bastianich to leave the hotplates and show everyone his guitar skills.

A love that he has never forgotten. And which is essentially rock. And so Joe Bastianich, the scary judge on Master Chef Italia, one of the most-loved celebrities on the small screen, with his extravagant way of expressing himself and his particular slang, which has amused millions of spectators, mimicked by Maurizio Crozza in his famous gags, is now trying to tell his story with his guitar in hand. In music. Ranging from the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen, with his soul focused on the present and future and the constant aim of looking within himself to understand exactly who Joe is. Through the rock of his songs, he speaks bluntly and simply about family, troubles and even love.

This break from the gastronomical world came about after lengthy reflection. «I have decided to take time out as a MasterChef Italia judge», he said. «It wasn’t an easy decision but I feel that the time has come for me to devote myself to music, a passion I have always had. I’m really excited about the new projects that are taking shape day by day in the musical field, including the release of my first CD, a musical tour and several television programmes».