From 9 to 14 April, Jaguar plays a leading role at Milan Design Week with “The Future Legacy”, an installation that explores the brand’s stylistic identity

The Future Legacy: an installation that breaks down and reconstructs the new Jaguar XE. For the second year running, the British brand is representing its own vision between tradition and innovation at the latest edition of the Fuori Salone.
In order to transmit the essence of the Jaguar brand, an artwork has been devised using new artistic languages in tune with the constant desire that contemporary society, a set of people always on the go and in search of stimulation, has for something new. And so, for Milan Design Week 2019, Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, and Andrea Rosati, Jaguar Design Manager Advanced Colour & Materials, “have played” with a Jaguar XE.

«Mirrors are the symbol of Jaguar as it reflects on its past and on its Britishness»

Right from its title, The Future Legacy, the work defines and represents the concept and philosophy behind everything the Coventry brand produces, the union of the future with the tradition of excellence in the past. And it highlights the British creative nature. The Jaguar XE, in its entirety, was on display in the Clock Courtyard at Palazzo Litta. While its silhouette, in its renewed version, was the core of the installation, placed at the centre of the Cloister: elements re-designed eclectically, distributed over several parts of the surrounding area, reconstructed the car through a game of reflections with lights and mirrors.
Disassembled from the front, the car appeared to be reconstructed innovatively from the side view, leading enthusiasts in an immersive experience to discover the brand’s stylistic code. An incredible journey through the essential parts of the car provided a totally new way of admiring the uniqueness of the Jaguar style, starting from its beating heart.

«This installation» explained Ian Callum, «gives us the chance to demonstrate the beauty of Jaguar style and engineering, taking the new XE as a representative example of the most recent interpretation of our design philosophy. By showing the car in its rawest form and highlighting the components individually, we have turned to the imagination to create the various spirits of these components, underlining the character change through colour and structure. We wanted to create a general atmosphere that would leave the spectator with an idea of both the serious and playful sides of Jaguar».
While Andrea Rosati, who chose the canvas upholstery to symbolize the brand’s new, positive, contemporary and global stylistic language, pointed our «Mirrors are the symbol of Jaguar as it reflects on its past and on its Britishness.»