The exhibition reconstructs the entire artistic career of the controversial world-famous artist with a selection of over 100 works that tell his fascinating story

After having exhibited in the world’s top cities, the Deodato Arte Gallery, which represents the artist in Italy, is bringing Mr. Brainwash to our country for the very first time. When we think of how to describe the Milan is Beautiful project, there are often not enough words. Milan is Beautiful is not only the first official Mr. Brainwash exhibition in Italy, it is also a rollercoaster ride, a continuous charge of adrenalin, so powerful that, despite the fear, you just cannot wait to see more. On display until 4th June, canvases, sculptures, monumental installations, spray cans and shining mirrors, that have literally invaded every space, giving the visitor an unforgettable experience.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by Mr.Brainwash’s unmistakable recurring theme of poetry, an invitation to fully experience every instant of life positively and courageously.
The exhibition itinerary develops in three main Galleria Deodato Arte locations in the heart of Milan: via Santa Marta 6, via San Maurilio 18, via Nerino 2, in the Cinque Vie district. The Wall series is particularly significant: enormous and unique pieces made of fibreglass panels, wood and street signs that recreate the illusion of looking at a real grafittied wall. Among the most outstanding works is Peek a Boo, an unprecedented subject that sees a small child and his dog admiring the word Imagine. A series of Neons illuminate the rooms from supports painted like canvases or panels presenting parts lit up by moulded neons.
The bright work entitled You Make Me Feel Extraordinary particularly stands out since it is created on a framed mirror with the title illuminated in bright pink neon. Also for the first time in Italy is a work from the Broken Vinyl Records series where the artist has recreated the unmistakable profile of Billie Holiday merely by using broken pieces of old vinyl records. Design meets art in the Life is beautiful sculptures, both in the traditional Hard Candy version, featuring metallic colours, and the special limited edition version entitled Splash Edition on display at the Galleria Deodato Arte for the first time in Europe.
The true star of the entire exhibition is the 1959 Vespa Piaggio, still in perfect working order, that the artist transformed into a unique and unprecedented work of art by personalizing it with stencils, spray paint and collages.

A few days before the show, more than 1,000 people had already booked and the Deodato Arte staff had to organize two openings. The queues for both evenings were a kilometre long, despite the pouring rain.
Thierry Guetta, otherwise known as Mr. Brainwash, flew in from Los Angeles, but he did not participate merely as a guest. He assembled, dismantled, painted and created up until the very last minute. It is rare for an internationally famous artist to totally put himself into play, making himself available to meet the public, even just for a few selfies. The rest of the success was decreed by his incomparable works. Mr.Brainwash has infected everybody with his optimism, enthusiasm and incredible creativity. Life is beautiful. (Fabio Schiavo)