A relaxed and extremely cool approach to music. With a good deal of British irony and the desire to get people “moving” on the dance floor.

This is the recipe which has distinguished Morcheeba from the very beginning and now, the London group, which started with trip hop and, by mixing various genres, including rock, downtempo and folk rock, is a cult phenomenon. The band made its debut in 1995 and includes lead singer Skye Edwards and her brothers Godfrey and Paul, dj set and Ross on guitars and keyboards. The name of the group is a play on words: in fact, it is made up of M.O.R. (Middle of The Road), an English acronym that indicates a type of music similar to smooth jazz, and CHEEBA, a slang word for cannabis.

From the first recording Who can You Trust? released in 1996, to Blaze Away, released in June last year with more noticeable electronic and synth pop influences, the band has published nine studio-recorded albums and one live as well as three collections and an incredible series of singles. Artistic vitality and freshness highlighted by various changes in style and group formation, pit-marked with splits and reunifications.