Bentley is innovating beyond the existing boundaries of performance, refinement and luxury, to introduce an all-new four-door Grand Tourer.

Full details of this exciting new model will follow later this year. At our exclusive pop up showroom at the Waterfront of Costa Smeralda, you will have the unique opportunity to be one of the first to get a glimpse of the new Flying Spur.
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Visit us at our Bentley pop up showroom and be one of the first ones in the world to see the new Flying Spur – our all-new four-door Grand Tourer that innovates beyond the existing boundaries of performance, refinement and luxury.

With a powerful 6.0 litre W12 engine, the new Flying Spur is an alluring combination of dynamic performance and modern craftsmanship. It is contemporary in its design and inspired in its execution. It is full of intuitive technology that keeps you connected to your car and the world around you. And it is designed to deliver an experience that is as refined and exhilarating for the passenger as it is for the driver. To discover more about this captivating car, click here.