Arzachena manages to give bicycle lovers and walkers something unique.

Costa Smeralda is, undoubtedly, one of the Arzachena area’s little treasures, but it isn’t the only one. The panorama that rotates around the Galluro region does not stop in front of the beaches and tourist centres of Porto Cervo, a landscape that visually enchants any tourist who has had the pleasure of staying in the coastal zone. And yet Arzachena manages to give local citizens, bicycle lovers and walkers something unique: the Pevero Health Trail. For the few who are familiar with this route, it provides an extraordinary chance to leave the sand behind for a moment and head into the heart of this territory. In fact, if there is something that makes the organisation in this area stand out, it is having known how to connect such a heterogeneous land to projects able to show its distinctive characteristics to those who have never had the opportunity to discover all the different and subtle aspects.

The most striking example is the track and the practicable paths in the Pevero Health Trail. Not long ago, access to some of these areas was only recommended to expert excursionists who had all the expertise required to complete the difficult and tiring trails with their many obstacles.
The Costa Smeralda Consortium therefore opted to make this slice of the territory more accessible by creating a proper circuit for all those who want to undertake this venture, for those who want to test their resistance with their own leg muscles, and for those who want to immerse themselves in this unspoilt world and share it with others.

To highlight the charm of the Pevero Health Trail, let’s start with the numbers. The first is 13, like the trail’s kilometres with its various starting points. For those on the Costa Smeralda side, it is better to go to the Grande Pevero area, known for its enchanting beach. The other ways in are from the Club House at the Pevero Golf Club, the Piccolo Romazzino and the Romazzino, which also have wonderful coastlines.
Next comes 11, indicating the number of fitness stations: Lavanda, Rosmarino, Cisto, Mirto, Lentisco, Ginestra, Corbezzolo, Ginepro, Euforbia, Caprifoglio and Tamerice. After a long walk or quite a bit of pedalling, the ideal thing would be to stop and do some exercises using the equipment provided.
The Pevero Health Trail, a versatile itinerary with many different branches, finishes with number 4, the points of interest: the Madonna dello Speronello, Lu Rotu, Lu Stazzu and the top of Mount Zoppu, considered the most difficult place to reach but from where intrepid adventurers can admire a fabulous view, perhaps with a lovely photograph, thanks to the Instagram Point set up there. (Riccardo Lo Re)