Planet Funk Dj Set- July 17th


They can boast a career full of success, every album keeps pace with the one before it and, in every live performance, this sensation is even more obvious. Planet Funk are a group that “works” in concert, always capturing the public’s attention, never letting go of the feeling and passion. Of course, listening to a record and seeing the track produced on stage are different, but at every show, the voices are the same and the sound is powerful and captivating. A kind of pop that mixes well with the atmosphere of the dance-floor, classic pop and trip-hop beholden to melancholy deep atmospheres and a climate of travel, able to raise spirits with nice music, putting everyone in a good mood and taking them along a very pleasant road. All thanks to a decidedly above average attention to sound that transforms every concert into a huge discotheque where everyone can dance and move around like crazy.


One big musical party. This will be the dj set with Planet Funk, a group founded in 1999 and one of the top bands in the panorama of electronic music and international dance for 20 years.

A performance that covers the musical history of the atypical “group” with its rock and funk sound.

They will be playing some of their most rousing tracks, revamped and in old school style, historical hits as well as new entries, from Inside All The People to Who Said, Stop me to the most recent All on Me, and covers of classics such as These Boots Are Made for Walkin’, that danceable hit written in 1965 by Lee Hazlewood, a genial piece of classic pop rock that Nancy Sinatra made successful. Planet Funk revamped the track in 2011 for the sound track of the film “Kryptonite!”, the first film under the directorship of Ivan Coroneo, who also directed the videoclip that accompanies the track.