Sophie Auster – August 13th


Elegant and fascinating. Just like her. With the same melancholy class for a seventies-style pop-rock, bluesy atmosphere, vague touch of jazz and warm and embracing sounds. Every show by Sophie Auster, doe-eyed and with the natural charm of days gone by, great voice and scenic presence, has the power to strike the listener and transport him to a world of little minimal stories, a universe populated by Beautiful Losers, that can be bent but not broken, of broken hearts able to rebuild themselves and continue to carry on. Of revenge and atonements where the recurring theme is always the idea that there is room for improvement by learning from your mistakes. Remembering, as Lucinda Matlock recite in the Anthology of Spoon River, “Life is too strong for you/It Takes Life to Love the Life”.

tipo 2019
  1. On My Way
  2. Missing
  3. Dollar Man
  4. Mary Janes
  5. Dragon Blood Tree
  6. Run Run Run
  7. Tom Collins
  8. I’m Going Down
  9. Rising Sun
  10. Let It Be Spring
  11. Black Water
  12. Little Bird
  13. Medications
  14. Cool Cat (Queen cover)
  15. Dance With Me
  16. AKA
  17. Walking on Broken Glass (Annie Lennox cover)
  18. Let It Go
  19. My Baby
  20. Mexico