Multi-functional boats designed to meet various needs and suitable for those who love the sea without having to give anything up. One of their features is extreme customization.

If they were cars, they would be the best SUVs in circulation. BlueGame’s Sport Utility Boats, devised and designed by architect, Luca Santella, an expert yachtsman and Olympic champion, are the nautical equivalent. These vessels are able to encase within their own lines, different types of boat suitable for different purposes and, at the same time, create a balanced synthesis of open boat, walkaround, day cruiser, fisherman and shuttlecraft. Flexible boats, designed for those who love the sea without having to give anything up. Entering into the Sanlorenzo galaxy in 2018, Bluegame convinced Massimo Perotti, President of the shipyard, the third leading superyacht builder in the world, with its sophisticated and innovative concept. Designed and built to the highest quality standards, they are able to meet every ship-owners’ need with an unexpectedly high level of personalization not usually found on boats of this size but perfectly in line with the Sanlorenzo philosophy, values and ambitions

Proposals that are very far from conventional categories and aimed at a sophisticated and demanding niche of expert owners. «The hull shapes were designed by Lou Codega» explains Luca Santella, «based on a complete preliminary 3D file that I made. At this point, Codega adjusted the hull in all its hydro-dynamic details on which the deck and internal areas are designed. This is the process that has been adopted to define all the BlueGame models to date». The interior design was carried out by Zuccona International Project focusing on flexibility and highly customizable solutions. Great attention was also paid to the choice of materials such as wood, glass and fabric, specifically selected to give the internal areas a warm and cosy feel. The BlueGame range currently consists of the BG 42 and BG 62.

The BG 42 is an entry level destined for those who have no intention of doing without luxury while still being in contact with the sea. On the outside, the central part of the stern platform, which lowers to drop into the water or load aboard a 9-foot tender or which can be used as a swimming platform, is interesting. The interior areas have been designed to make life below deck as comfortable as possible, even on a more contained model as this. The Master cabin is considerably large and comfortable to all effects with a double bed and spacious walk-in wardrobe. A C-shaped dinette on the bow can host up to six guests and can also be transformed, if needed, into a double bed. The bathroom has a separate shower.
It could be defined as the evolution of the species. Something that did not exist before and that needed to be invented. The BG 62’s deck layout is an open space made up of two lounge areas surrounded by lateral walkways protected by bulwarks with spaces that can be transformed when required. The rest of the yacht has several other spacious areas. A dinette that can host up to 8 people is located opposite a sophisticated and modern kitchen area. The VIP cabin at the bow has two queen-size beds and a decking surface of considerable size as well as a large bathroom with separate shower, while the Master cabin, on the lower deck, exploiting all its five-metre width, creates a large and bright room with sophisticated devices to make the onboard stay more comfortable and pleasant, like, for example, a transparent, luxurious and reflecting shower cabin. Astern there is a large area that can either be used to host one or two crew members or as storage.

Two additional models to the range, the BGX and BGM, will be presented in September to complete the offer portfolio. «We have maintained the BG style» says Luca Santella from BlueGame. «A fibreglass hull and carbonium superstructure but we have made a small revolution by taking a large part of the activities, which were initially external, to the inside thanks to a re-arrangement of the spaces». The new proposals will thus become available to those who were not interested in the more classic BG models. «The result is a bogus flybridge, a revolution of the pure open concept that will lead to new market segments and new customers». Further details on the new range will be revealed at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2019 where the BGX70 will be making its debut presentation. (Fabio Schiavo)



BG 62 Model
  • Total length 21.80m.
  • Width 5.60m.
  • Engines 2 x IPS Volvo 1200
  • Generators 122 kW
  • Max. speed 30 knots +/- 5%
  • Cruise speed 27 knots +/- 5%
  • Passengers 12
  • CE class cat “B”
  • Tender 4m
BG 42 Model
  • Length 12.98m
  • Width 4.37m
  • Engines 2 x IPS Volco 600 STD 2 x IPS Volvo 650 OPT
  • Generators 1x 5 kW
  • Passengers 14
  • CE class cat “B”