A name, a legend. The new Riva 90′ Argo is not just an exceptional and fascinating flybridge with a particular design. Here are the details.

The new Riva 90′ Argo is not just an exceptional and fascinating flybridge with a particular design able to unite a variety of sensations and concepts that, although they may seem rather remote or oxymorons, such as ancient and modern, also make the onboard solutions into effective ensemble of technology in its highest form. A simple concept yet one with a «timeless and bewitching look» says Albert Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, «knowingly combined with functionality, sophisticated styling and technological innovation. This also explains the choice of name which comes from Greek mythology. In fact, Argo was the first boat ever built in the world and the famous Argonauts sailed away on it in search of the golden fleece».

The innovative Argo 90′, a design resulting from collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee and Engineering Department, is the perfect example of an optimization of the ideas of its famous predecessors, the Riva 100′ Corsaro and the 110′ Dolce Vita.
Identifiable by its soft and curvy lines highlighting its sporty spirit and enhancing its slender profile, which almost seems intent on attacking the Grand Blue, Argo boasts large windows along the hull, another long window along the entire height of the main bridge, where there is a garage in which to park a Williams Sportjet 395 tender and a jet ski of any type. The 6m² transom has an innovative retractable stepladder and, when the platform is moving underwater, the steps on the right partially submerge showing more steps on the higher part of the stern to form a single and very convenient flight of steps for getting on and off board without having to use the steel electrohydraulic stepladder with which the boat is also equipped. The ample 30m² cockpit is ideal both as a relaxation area and for dining. Furthermore, thanks to the direct connection between the 46m² flybridge, the external area of the prow and the cockpit, there is an infinity deck running from one end to the other.

In order to meet the needs of American yachtsmen, Riva 90’ Argo exclusively offers an alternative cockpit outfitting which includes a mobile bar, two sofas and a coffee table by Paola Lenti. Steps lead to the guest area and relative lobby. The interior areas are spacious and bright with an alternating predominance of high-quality wood, such as Italian walnut, leather and steel, all perfectly integrated one with the other. The leather upholstery matches with the lighter shades of the parquet flooring while mirrored surfaces enrich the structural columns on the sides of the boat. Giving an even greater sense of comfort and to break the distinction between inside and outside living, there are several items of furniture in the open space on the main bridge which also sports a 30m² master cabin, with walk-in closet and private bathroom. There are three, spacious double VIP cabins on the lower bridge with ensuite bathrooms as well as two more cabins with bunkbeds for the crew, who also have their own comfortable dinette and two bathrooms.



  • Total external length 28.49 m
  • Maximum width 6.50 m
  • People onboard 20
  • Engine 2 MTU 12V 2000 M96L
  • Maximum speed 26 knots
  • Cruise speed 22 knots
  • Autonomy 320 miles