Travelling for our four-footed friends must be pleasurable and fun, just as it is for us. It should never be a hardship.

Our four-footed friends in the car with us. Here are some simple tips for making journeys less traumatic for them. It is essential that, before any trip, you let your dog become familiar with the vehicle he will be travelling in. A few days before, get him to jump in the car on his own and let him scamper about wherever he wants. Let him choose his place. This is not only a way to feel protected, it is also a territory marker, just like at home. Decide before leaving which dog-friendly stops to make and where there will be drinking water and a place to do his business. On arrival, be careful that he doesn’t “jump” out of a window or any other opening: he must wait for your command and get out on the safest side using the open door. As for food, small mouthfuls or biscuits are better than big meals. This will make the journey more enjoyable and less stressful.

Gradually get him used to longer trips. Keep him cool. A dog feels the heat just as much as you do, so create cool and pleasant conditions. And, above all, never leave him alone in the car. Even a few minutes can prove fatal. (Fabio Schiavo)