Waterfront Costa Smeralda closes a 2019 that witnessed a huge public success.

On 8th September, Waterfront, Costa Smeralda’s open-air lounge, closed a winning and unforgettable summer season. The success of 2018, the official opening year of this immense structure designed by architect, Gio Pagani, did, after all, provide encouragement to further extend the idea of innovating and transforming one of Porto Cervo’s historical areas. Porto Vecchio, the Old Harbour, already had two big advantages: an enchanting setting with its enviable sea view; a central zone for the city’s tourism. The excellent results achieved with the first edition (over 180,000 people) prove it, as Mario Ferraro, CEO of Smeralda Holding, declared in an interview with Il Sole 24 ore. An unimaginable figure for a new tourist concpt which, in its first year alone, immediately managed to attract such a large public thanks to its extensive brand and event offer, which ranged from meetings with top authors to musical performances by the big names in national and international music.

2019 was therefore the year in which to confirm the targets met during the first Waterfront Costa Smeralda and, indeed, in light of what was witnessed through the summer, not only did it totally fulfil expectations, it also re-launched itself with events that the majority of the public clearly endorsed. Starting from the official opening on 6th July, with the participation of Joe Bastianich in a totally new role as guitarist and singer, and Morcheeba, a band that has, among other things, topped the British charts. The latter practically mesmerized the already star-filled evening. One of the band members, the talented Skye Edwards, together with Ross Godfrey, brought to life a performance that transmitted the very best of the band’s musical repertoire, from Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, included in the album Fragments of Freedom, to The Sea and the latest hits on the recently released record, Blaze Away.

Contemporary musical history appeared several times on the Waterfront stage. With their All on us Club Tour, Planet Funk, captained by Alex Neri, Marco Baroni and Dan Black, the group’s historical voice, summarized their lengthy career with a show offering the tracks that led them to the heights of dance music, and not only in Italy. Who Said, Chase The Sun, Inside All The People and The Switch are songs that, even when listened to now, after so many years, still maintain the same freshness and power as when they first came out. The same sensation was felt when a large crowd of public experienced the last big event with Daddy G, one of the founders of Massive Attack. Grant Marshall is one of those artists who has truly been able to revolutionize the sound of that period through structured tracks (Teardrop comes to mind) that hold within various souls, from the sweet and delicate spirit of the singers vocal pitch to a more tormented soul in search of a future that reflects some areas of Bristol. Besides the consolidated trademarks, artists that are now asserting their talent also took the Waterfront stage. After having reached the X Factor final, Bowland have managed to establish themselves thanks to that innovation concept that has allowed them to emerge, starting from the intense voice of Leila Mostofi who, supported by the originality of musicians Saeed Aman and Pejman Fani, reaches straight into the mind of the listener and never leaves. Last but not least, a young Sophie Auster not only fascinated the public with her voice and texts from her Next Time album (2019), but we will soon be hearing about her again since one of the tracks, Mexico, is featured in a film that the fans of The Big Lebowski have been long-awaiting for: Going Places by John Turturro, a remake of the famous role of Jesus Quintana. The quote here is obligatory. As the character says, with Waterfront, there’s no messing.  (Riccardo Lo Re)