From July, the Porto Vecchio area changes identity providing the customer with a place in which to relax and discover the latest trends in the temporary luxury stores.

One of the most striking aspects when going towards Waterfront Costa Smeralda is its ability to attract something for everyone. It is rare to find oneself among stores containing the most popular sector brands. Everything, from fashion to cars, within easy reach and in such a compact area. This is the secret of the success of this structure which, in these last two years, has received nothing but praise from the customers who have passed through Costa Smeralda. Everyone agrees on the magic that a place like Porto Cervo reserves for tourists from all over the world, but the creation of this facility has brought a breath of fresh air and innovation which has certainly been beneficial to the entire territory. The big impact lies, first and foremost, in the look and elegance of the various pavilions designed by architect, Gio Pagani. Waterfront takes on its own identity, removing itself from the surrounding nature yet absorbing its beauty and prestige.

Porto Vecchio historically harbours the most fascinating yachts in the Mediterranean and, from this point of view, Waterfront offers the chance to see these sea-faring giants really close up from an elegant and solid wood walkway. Walking along the long seafront, visitors can encounter all the various brands in attendance and see the companies’ most representative products, much to the pleasure of everyone, both young and old. Women can learn about the history of several prestigious fashion brands, from the jewellery of the luxury Swiss firm de GRISOGONO, renowned for its colours and the intensity of its high-range products, to the unmistakable touch of clothes and accessories labelled Dolce & Gabbana, a brand that looks to the future while never neglecting its Italian roots and traditions, as the latest collection of Sicily bags goes to prove.

Men, on the other hand, are able to discover the very latest ideas from some of the most influential companies in the automobile sector. From Porto Cervo they can fly to Germany in the BMW zone which, this year, displayed the new Z4, the Series 1 and the modern Series 8, and then cross the Channel to find out everything to do with British habits, embodied in the lively Land Rover, Jaguar and Bentley vehicles. Children are certainly not left out since the Warner Bros stand offered moments to contend with their favourite characters, from Looney Tunes to DC Comics idols appearing in comics and the cinema. There is also room for ingenuity, as was seen by the creative power and talent of Mr. Brainwash, hosted on 14thAugust at the Deodato Arte gallery. Waterfront is, above all, synonymous of entertainment, thanks to the concerts and, last but not least, the themed evenings organized every week by Nikki Beach, founded by Jack Penrod, which has premises located all over the world, from the United States to the Caribbean, passing through France, Spain and Monaco.  (Riccardo Lo Re)